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- What makes Marula Juices different from others?

Marula Juices are simply pressed and pasteurized. Unlike other brands in the market, we do not derive or reconstitute natural juices from pulp. No water – No sugar – No color – No preservatives are added. Whatever is pressed in straight filled into the bottle, full of fiber. On an average, we use about 3 apples to make a single bottle of Apple Juice.

- Where are the fruits sourced from?

All the fruits are sourced from the finest Orchards in the Himalaya, particularly Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. The Seabuckthorn Berries are sourced from Ladakh in J&K and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

- How should I store my juice?

You may store your juice at room temperature when sealed. Once opened, refrigerate and store. Consume within 24 hours of opening if refrigerated well.

- Why is there some variation in your juice?

Since the juices are 100% natural without any added flavors or colors, the natural fruit produce shall vary in color and flavor with each batch. Himachal Apples taste different than Kashmir Apples which can also lead to some minor change in the taste. But rest assured, each batch will still taste delicious!!

- Why does the sediment lower down onto the bottle and the juice looks like water on the top?

Since we do not filter these juices, there is a high fiber content within the juice which is heavy. This fibre settles down leaving the juice on top. You need to shake the bottle very well before you use it.

- My juice has turned acidic in taste.

Unfortunately, if the juice comes in contact with air and stays for long, the juice tends to fizz up and smell acidic. It starts converting into Cider Vinegar. You shouldn’t consume the same. Call +91 985041 5041 (10 AM – 5 PM) or write to info@thebluesheep.in in such a case. Do not buy leaked bottles.

- Any new flavors?

Our team is working on it and we shall surprise you soon.

- Apart from home delivery, where else can we purchase Marula juices and Preserved?

Marula juices are available at all leading supermarkets across Mumbai – Pune – Goa. If you don’t find it, you may order it online and we shall do the needful.

- Is cash on delivery option available?

Yes, you can pay Cash on Delivery in Pune City only. The same service shall start in Mumbai soon.

- How is the shelf life of the juice so long?

It’s a combination of factors - The juices stay safe because:

  • We pasteurize the juice to ensure that it is safe for packaging.
  • We use Glass Bottles for packaging - Organic liquids start reacting with plastic or tetra packs. (Plus, we get the added benefit of the glass bottles being 100% recyclable)
  • The Bottle Caps are specially designed to ensure complete vacuum seal. That’s why the juices stay safe for consumption until the bottle is opened, but start fermenting in 24 hours of opening the bottle!
- Will I get a Refund if I cancel my order?

No refund on cancelation.

- What happens if I get a 'Transaction Fail' / 'Error in Payment' message?

You can contact us on info@thebluesheep.in or (+91) 98-5041-5041

- Are there any other hidden charges?

No, you will not be charged any extra charge apart from the ones mentioned while ordering.